Aksara short jacket

Aksara is one of the outer jackets, the latest collection from shalwnco, aksara has a unique style that displays batik and weaving behind the jacket. aksara very suitable for use when relaxing or hanging out.

The main materials used are cotton, rayon and there is also full lurik.

Size :

  • XS : Chest Circumference   95cm, Length 50cm
  •  S  : Chest Circumference 100cm, Length 55cm
  • M  : Chest Circumference 105cm, Length 55cm
  • L   : Chest Circumference 110cm, Length 60cm
Model's height is 168cm
Red stripes with blue batik accent and plain blue edge
Plain navy with navy sashiko batik and rice batik with blue jeans bottom
Plain grey with brown sashiko batik and green edge batik with plain green bottom
Plain lilac with dusty kawung batik and dusty tenun doby edge