Corsage is one of our accessories collection. A cute flower corsage worn to complete your style. You can choose plain color or batik motif, depends on your outfit of the day.

It can be worn on your outerwear as well as your dress, your bag or even on top of your obi belt.


Diameter 10 cm

Plain Teracotta
Plain red lace
Plain Olive green with tassel
Plain navy tulle
Dusty pink embroidered
Green army stripes
White lace
Dark grey lace
Light grey
Greyish green
Brown kawung classic batik
Brown parang classic batik
Brown classic batik motif
Beige parang classic batik
Brown motif classic batik
Brown motif kawung classic batik
Plain black tile
Plain orange tile
Plain red tenun doby
Plain Maroon tenun doby
Plain Maroon
Plain red embroidered
Yellow tulle
Tosca tulle
Baby pink tulle
Broken white tulle
White tulle
Grey tulle
Plain yellow
Beige tulle
Blue tulle
Dark grey tulle
Green tulle
Soft yellow tulle
Green army
Yellow stripes batik
Purple 3negeri batik