Obi Belt

Obi Belt (known as sash belts or double wrap belts) with a touch of batik combination and flower corsages is worn around the waist to show more of slim figure. Obi belt also add flourish color to a simple outfit and give an ethnic vibe to your look.

Long : T-1 : 70cm

           T-2 : 54cm

Wide : 13cm

Plain white
Plain red
Red tenun songket with cream tenun doby
Maroon Stripe Batik and Green Stripe Batik with Plain Maroon
Red stripes batik with plain red and grey circle batik edge
Ochre stripes batik and terracotta batik edge
Dusty stripes batik with pink rice batik and brown doby edge
Brown classic batik and red rice batik and black stripes batik accent and red tenun
Brown kawung batik with black edge and red stripes and red tenun
Grey dots batik and blue stripes edge with maroon tenun doby
Plain grey
Grey stripes batik with red rice batik and grey tenun doby